My First Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 720 Review



This was best mobile handset in the range of highly popular Lumia series from Nokia. From the stunning looks to exceptional build quality, this phone has got it all.

I was looking for a mid-range handset and did not want to get bogged down by the sluggish performance of Android. But be warned there is still a significant less number of apps in the Windows store as compared to Google Play. But most of the apps that matters like Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, Dominos Pizza are present in the Windows store and with fluid interface of Windows 8 mobile, most the apps provide lovable experience.

The only disappointment with Lumia 720 is the limited 512 Mb RAM which although does not affect the normal usage but kind of limits your ultimate X-box gaming experience to a select high-end games. But don’t worry as per a recent survey it has been found out that more than 99% of the total apps does not have any RAM limitation.

Camera quality is very good considering the fact that this is not a Flagship device just a mid range phone. Its 6.7 mega pixel camera is even better than the usual 8 mega pixel camera of other mobile phones.

Overall, Nokia Lumia 720 was a very strong contender in the mid-range Smart Phone segment, although an almost extinct species now.

I bought this from the leading online store Flipkart. Where do you do most of your shopping?


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